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Free SSL Certificates for Carbonio Community Edition Using Let’s Encrypt and Certbot | Carbonio

A public-key certificate is an electronic document that provides a reliable way for an entity to prove its identity. A trusted organization that issues these public-key certificates is known as...
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Telegram & Data Controllers: Extra-EEA Data Transfer Might Still Happen | Blog

If you've spent time researching the GDPR, you'll know that the transfer of personal data outside the EEA (European Economic Area) is strictly regulated.  Data transfer rules (laid down in...
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GDPR for non-EU companies: how and when it applies to you | Blog

Has anyone spoiled a perfectly fine day by telling you that – though you own a non-EU company – the GDPR might still apply to you?  Are you wondering how...
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Are Telegram’s Secret Chats GDPR-compliant? | Blog

In a previous post, we have discussed how using Telegram as a data controller can breach the obligations arising under the GDPR.  In a nutshell, when you share data subjects'...
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Meet Zextras at CloudFest 2022 | Event | Blog

Can't wait! CloudFest 2022 returns as an in-person event March 22-24, 2022, in Rust, Germany. CloudFest is the leading conference for service providers who wants to find new partners and...
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GPDR made easy: the definitive guide, p. 1 | Blog

The GDPR has been in force for over three years, but much of it remains unclear.  And that is why we've drafted this guide. We want to help you understand...
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