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GDPR made easy: the Definitive Guide, part 2 – Territorial Scope | Blog

Does the GDPR apply to every (legal or natural) person on the planet?   No. As with other laws and regulations, the GDPR only applies to situations falling under its territorial...
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How To Prepare An OS For Zimbra Installation | Zimbra

The pre-Zimbra installation phase is no fun. That’s why everyone wants to wrap up this phase in no time. But a little planning in this phase can make our server...
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Article 28 GDPR: All You Need to Know | Blog

Have you ever used an email service to process someone’s personal data? Or maybe you’re more the direct messaging app type of person. Or perhaps you use Facebook or Instagram.  ...
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Best Available Open-source Operating System for Zimbra Collaboration OSE | Zimbra

Selecting the proper operating system for your server is as important as defining other key requirements (i.e hardware). Migrating or updating an operational server’s operating system is not as easy/effortless...
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GDPR & Paper Records: All About Relevant Filing Systems | Blog

Learning that the GDPR applies to paper records might come as a surprise.  We get it. When one thinks of the General Data Protection Regulation, the first image that comes...
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High Availability for Mail Servers without Breaking the Bank! It Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive | Blog

E-mail is one of the most popular communication mediums in the world. It has become a necessity for many organizations and businesses, as it is a cost-effective way to communicate...
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