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Zimbra Collaboration Suite and Anti-Phishing

Let's get back to dealing with security and especially email security, going to address a delicate and extremely important topic like Phishing and see what measures can be taken in...

Enterprise Security black, white and gray lists

Zimbra incorporates a spam filter that allows you to reliably protect your company's mail from receiving infected messages that are not related to business correspondence. We've seen how to manage...

Zimbra Black List and White List

Speaking of email security and spam, there are many factors to consider as we have seen in the incoming and outgoing mail protection best practices articles. Surely, however, we can...

Cloud or Local Server. Which is best solution for Zimbra Deployment?

Today we are going to cover an interesting topic that every company faces when choosing Zimbra Collaboration Suite, namely which is the best choice for its implementation. Cloud or Local...

Zextras Implementation Results for SaaS Provider

In this article, we show you a real-world case study on the implementation of Zimbra Open Source Edition and Zextras Suite for a European SaaS service provider that specializes in...

Improve the security using Zextras 2FA

Security is not an option. Unfortunately, many companies meet security only after an attack has been received, or when they have to limit the damages of a data breach. Security...

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Fresh content every now and then about Zimbra OSE, tips & tricks, Zextras products and more!