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How To Configure Zimbra DKIM to Sign Outgoing Emails? | Zimbra

DKIM or DomainKeys Identified Mail is an email authentication method that tries to identify email spoofing attempts (creation of email messages with a forged sender address). DKIM enables you as the receiver of the email to verify...
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Email Protection Routines | Zimbra

After installing Zimbra Collaboration Suite, there are some configurations you may want to set up in order to improve the security of sending emails to other email systems. Phishing and...
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Installing DNS Server on CentOS/RHEL using dnsmasq | Zimbra

This article will show you how to install and configure a DNS server using dnsmasq on CentOS 7 / RHEL 7 / CentOS 8 / RHEL 8. This will be...
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Setting up a Static IP Address on CentOS / RHEL | Zimbra

This guide will show you different ways to set up a static IP address on your CentOS/RHEL Linux server. Before you start First of all we need to get the...
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SELinux | Zimbra

Security-Enhanced Linux (SELinux) is a mandatory access control (MAC) security mechanism implemented in the kernel. SELinux was first introduced in CentOS 4 and significantly enhanced in later CentOS releases. In...
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Zextras Drive | Zimbra

Zextras Drive is a Zimbra component that provides both a complete file storage system integrated with the Zimbra WebClient and a replacement to the old "Briefcase" component. Zextras Drive is...
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