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How to Install Your DNS Server Using Dnsmasq for Carbonio CE Test Environment | Carbonio

A DNS server becomes very handy on several occasions where you need to define your DNS, disable the automatic DHCP server, and use a static IP. This guide can also...
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Real-time Backup and Restore for Zimbra – System Administrators’ Most Requested Features | Zimbra

Zimbra OSE is a complete email solution. It offers lots of customization compared to G Suit and M365. Still, it needs some attention from the system admins perspective. We think...
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Zextras at FOSDEM 2022 | Event | Blog

We're very excited to take part in FOSDEM 2022 with a speech in the Collaboration and Content Management devroom. FOSDEM is the central event about open-source, taking place yearly in...
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Carbonio Chat – GDPR Compliant Enterprise Instant Messaging service for Data Controllers | Blog

In this article, you'll find out why Zextras Carbonio's instant messaging service, aka Chats, is a perfect fit to comply with GDPR and how it meets all the legal obligations...
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Carbonio Community Edition is available! | Blog

Today we have finally released the first Release Candidate (RC) of Zextras Carbonio CE, our brand-new open-source e-mail and collaboration platform available in 14 languages. The solution includes a server...
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Zextras Carbonio – An Ideal Digital Workplace for Those Who Need Absolute Control over Their Data | Blog

With the speed at which the concept of the digital workplace is evolving, it's safe to say there might be some hurdles along the way regarding the privacy of data....
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