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Why Not All Digital Workplace Solutions Are Suitable For All Businesses | Blog

According to Gartner, digital Workplace Enables new, more effective ways of workingRaises employee engagement and agilityExploits consumer-oriented styles and technologies However, there is no free lunch. All these benefits come...
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Zextras Carbonio – An Ideal Digital Workplace for Those Who Need Absolute Control over Their Data | Blog

With the speed at which the concept of the digital workplace is evolving, it's safe to say there might be some hurdles along the way regarding the privacy of data....
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Why Data Sovereignty Should Matter to Us All | Blog

Rise of cloud computing and the increase in the number of companies adopting this technology to offer services to users, draw more criticism about data privacy. Especially all sorts of...
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Telegram and GDPR – are data controllers covered? | Blog

Are you using Telegram for your business and wondering if the app is GDPR-compliant?Are you using Telegram for your business because you are *sure* the app is GDPR-compliant?Are you using...
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Native Packaging vs. Installers – Carbonio Secure Installation | Carbonio

Software programs in the source code have to be compiled and built first in order for the consumes to easily install and use. Software packaging within the various Linux distros...
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How To Maintain Your Zimbra Servers After Soon-coming CentOS End-of-life | Zimbra

In December 2020, an announcement of Redhat shocked the whole tech world. CentOS, one of the most stable open-source OS will not release any stable version of it after CentOS...
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