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iWAY and Zextras sign a partnership to increase the value for Vietnamese customers | Blog

Hanoi, November 2020 – iWay Information Solution (Hanoi) is a pioneering company in application, development, and support for free and open-source software for the Vietnam market.

iWay mission is to bring the strength of free and open-source software to customers. They are committed to providing their customers with tangible results ​​with reasonable costs and high efficiency.

Therefore, iWay is growing as one of the principal suppliers of leading free and open-source software applications in Vietnam and the area. Moreover, they offer support and professional services.

To increase the value it brings to clients, iWay wants to expand strategic partnerships with major IT firms in the world, above all free and open-source software firms. So, after a period of knowledge sharing and cooperation, on November 12, 2020, iWay and Zextras officially signed a strategic partnership agreement. Then, iWay became the first Zextras partner in Vietnam.

Zextras Srl (Milan) is the largest contributor to Zimbra’s open-source e-mail and collaborative systems. Applying the experiences and knowledge gained over many years, Zextras focuses on developing cutting-edge solutions for the Open Source version of Zimbra. The Zextras Suite package offers features for Zimbra that big enterprises and gov agencies increasingly demand. Zextras aims to bring value to the Open Source community, too, with specific projects, e.g., open and free components and editorial production about the Zimbra world.

Since the companies share similar values, the partnership between Zextras and iWay is the perfect match to increase the Vietnamese clients’ benefits, covering all the phases from the product implementation to the professional services.

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