The importance of keeping Zimbra constantly updated

Today we want to talk about a very important aspect that should not be underestimated when using Zimbra OSE and Zextras Suite: upgrading.
Many of you will wonder why it is actually necessary to update your software when everything works fine. There are many advantages and reasons for this.


Every new releases of both software is going to increase security. As you can see in the release notes, usually along with improvements related to new features and major updates, each new release brings with it significant security enhancements. This means that if you neglect to update your software you could end up with some security issues with your email accounts, as well as encountering bugs that are fixed and corrected in subsequent releases.

In addition to that, you will surely find yourself missing out on improvements in the management and security of the data itself, both in terms of storage and backup.


It can happen then after a certain amount of time, like for the Operating Systems for example, an old version of the software will not be supported nor developed anymore, so, even if it works fine, you will end up with an old product that in case of problems cannot benefit from the official support for their resolution.


Last but not least … new features ! By constantly updating your version of Zimbra and Zextras suite you will be able to benefit from new features that are developed and added to improve your work and usage experience.
In addition, each release brings with it improvements and fixes to existing features. So why give up all this?

How to upgrade

We’ve seen the importance of always keeping your software up to date. But rightly the ultimate question is: How do I update it?

Zimbra OSE

The procedure to update your Zimbra version is quite simple. You can find comprehensive guides in these two articles on our blog, depending on your version of Linux:

Please note that If you have Zextras suite installed on your Zimbra OSE, you have to remember that when you are going to upgrade Zimbra to a new version, the Zextras Core is removed from the server, so you must reinstall Zextras Suite.

To download the latest version of Zimbra and see its details, you can go to this address: Zimbra OSE download

Zextras Suite

The procedure to upgrade Zextras Suite is even easier, since if you already have an older version installed, all you have to do is downloading the new one and then start installation. It will automatically upgrade your software to the new version.

To find information about the latest Zextras Suite releases you can check our blog. If, on the other hand, you prefer to read all the official documentation, you can find it at this link: Zextras Suite – Latest Release Documentation

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