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Alert! This article is written for Zimbra OSE users. As of December 2023, Synacor will no longer be providing support for Zimbra OSE. You might want to consider trying out Carbonio Community Edition – Zextras’s free and open-source email and collaboration platform.

For additional guidance, check out our community articles detailing the process of migrating from your current platform to Carbonio CE.

Zextras suite installer file is not dependent on a specific version. It means that you can download the installer once, keep it and use it for every future updates.

Installer Script File

Once you download the Zextras Suite package zextras_suite.tar.gz you can extract it into a directory e.g. /root/. Inside the extracted folder you’ll find the installer file install.sh that can be used to upgrade your suite.

The installer file install.sh will automatically recognize and download the latest version of the Zextras suite available for your current Zimbra version and begins the update procedure. You can run the same installer to upgrade your suite to the latest version regardless of when you downloaded the installer file.

Using The Installer

To upgrade your Zextras suite you can easily

  • Navigate to the directory containting the install.sh file e.g cd /root/zextras-suite
  • Run the installer script i.e ./install.sh all
  • Wait until the installer downloads the latest available version and finish the upgrade procedure

You’ll find more information using the help options ./install.sh -h.

Both the installation and the upgrade procedures use the same installer script, the only difference is that running the script on a Zimbra infrastructure equipped with the Zextras suite, will detect your suite version and perform an upgrade to the latest one.

Need More Help?

If you need more information about the Zextras suite upgrade procedure, you can find more details on Zextras Suite Documentation – Installation Guide.

Download Zextras Suite for Zimbra OSE



Hi, The upgrade fails with: Downloading packages (11): zimbra-core-components zimbra-ldap-components zimbra-mta-components zimbra-dnscache-components zimbra-snmp-components zimbra-store-components zimbra-jetty-distribution zimbra-apache-components zimbra-spell-components zimbra-memcached zimbra-proxy-components ...Unable to download packages from repository. System is not modified. [root@mail zcs-9.0.0_ZEXTRAS_20220402.RHEL7_64.20220419075956]# Here upgrading from previous OSE Zextras release. Any advice?

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