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Which Organizations Benefit Most from Zextras Carbonio? | Blog

E-mails, virtual communication, and instant messaging solutions keep organizations alive. Considering how fast the digital workplace concept is evolving, a robust e-mail and collaboration platform is crucial to creating a vigorous communication network. Along the way, there are naturally concerns regarding data privacy, which is the backbone of organizational communication for many institutions. A full-fledged digital workplace with enterprise-class features that won’t expose your data to the cloud can be a perfect solution for such organizations.

In this article, we will find out which and why organizations should consider Zextras Carbonio to manage their private communications and sensitive data.

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Do I Need Zextras Carbonio?

Zextras Carbonio server is more than just a simple e-mail hosting solution. It introduces a myriad of benefits compared to other hosting options. Zextras Carbonio platform is designed to deliver complete control and sovereignty over your communication data. It guarantees the security and privacy of sensitive business information by deploying the servers on the organization’s premises or private cloud. Although other technologies such as an integrated real-time backup and disaster recoveryhigh availability, and a secure authentication system also contribute to achieving this goal.

Zextras Carbonio is a full-stack email and collaboration platform with an emphasis on data privacy.

In this article, we discuss three main characteristics that make Zextras Carbonio a perfect and unique product for different sectors and organizations: These characteristics are

  1. Absolute sovereignty over data
  2. Extreme scalability
  3. Full customizability and flexibility

Each one serves different sectors with specific needs, for instance, service providers immensely benefit from the customizability and flexibility of the Carbonio platform.

Let’s dissect how each of these properties serves different sectors.

1. Data Sovereignty and Public Sectors

Adopting public cloud environments to store sensitive data in unknown data centers that are usually located in other countries jeopardizes public sectors’ data or creates severe risks of being heavily penalized due to violating data privacy regulations, e.g., GDPR. We need a clear insight into the regulations overseeing both the location in which the data is stored and the company hosting it.

This is especially important when handling personally identifiable information, protected health information, and intelligence. Sensitive data are usually subjected to specific data privacy regulations of the country of origin.

Governments worldwide impose different rules regarding data privacy based on their geographical locations. Failing to comply with these regulations such as GDPR costs you heavy fines. Public sectors can deploy Carbonio servers on their premises or private cloud, providing them 100% control over their sensitive data and compliance with these regulations.

Zextras Carbonio is designed for data privacy and compliance with data privacy regulations such as GDPR.

For instance, let’s say you are in a public sector scheme dealing with health care information of thousands of patients. According to GDPR, you are required to take specific precautions to keep your data safe otherwise will be heavily penalized. For example, Capio St. Göran AB, a a Swedish healthcare provider received a €2.9 million GDPR fine on 2020. Following an audit by the Swedish DPA, it is revealed that the company failed to carry out appropriate risk assessments and implement effective access controls and as a result, had exposed sensitive personal data. This fine could have been easily avoided leveraging a safe and private platform and conducting a data protection impact assessment (DPIA) which is mandatory under the GDPR for controllers undertaking certain risky activities or handling large-scale sensitive data.

Read more about the differences between cloud and on-premises deployments in the

2. Scalability and Large Enterprises

Every business forms with a specific number of appliances and computing need based on the provisioning. Provisioning is the process of establishing your IT infrastructure to provide services for you and your employees. By extending your business, your organizational needs will grow and require more computational resources to address new demands.

You can eventually expand any infrastructure, however, the amount of investment in terms of both money and time is what makes the difference. A scalable platform is designed in a way to facilitate your infrastructure expansion by removing as many technical difficulties as possible without the need to spend too much time.

Zextras Carbonio is designed to easily scale your IT infrastructure out, up, and down to match your demands.

It means you don’t have to start over and design and build a completely new system. This is mostly. The pay-per-use model would remove the need for exact provisioning significantly impacting on cutting most of the upfront costs.

3. Customizability and Service Providers

A personalized service or product is made for a specific customer according to its different needs. Offering services to customers that match their preferences and needs is the key to success. Your clients expect you as a service provider to be able to assess their situation, necessities, and requirements accurately. You must provide them with the most fitting offering tailored to their needs without any hidden cost, extra hassle, or paying for unused capacities. In other words, a well-designed and flexible platform is all you need for your consumers to receive what they ask for.

You can personalize a specific service for your client, however, the product your client is left with is not necessarily customizable. To distinguish between personalization and customization, you need to know who modifies the product. You as the service provider personalize your products and offer specific services based on your customers’ demands while customization is accomplished by customers themselves leveraging the flexibility of your product to manually acquire their own preferred experience.

Zextras Carbonio’s open-core design and flexible configuration allow service providers to offer tailored and personalized services to their clients. Moreover, clients benefit from Carbonio’s extreme customizability to further meet their needs.


There are several factors that make Zextras Carbonio a perfect fit for specific industries and sectors. We talked about each factor separately and answered why it is the case. To summerize, Zextras Carbonio is

  • intrinsically compliant with data protection regulation and provide absolute control over the infrastructure and data most suited for public sectors,
  • easily scalable whether vertically or horizontally reducing upfront costs most suited for large enterprises and growing organizations,
  • and an extremely flexible platform most suited both for service providers to create personalized SaaS offerings and their extended customers who aim to customize their platform.
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