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Alert! This article is written for Zimbra OSE users. As of December 2023, Synacor will no longer be providing support for Zimbra OSE. You might want to consider trying out Carbonio Community Edition – Zextras’s free and open-source email and collaboration platform.

For additional guidance, check out our community articles detailing the process of migrating from your current platform to Carbonio CE.

Email security is one of the biggest concerns nowadays. Hacking users, infecting their computers with viruses and trojans, and sending millions of SPAM emails against the user’s will, all contribute to this concern. Authentication strategies such as user and password, Access Token, Security Assertion Markup Language, 2 Factor Authentication, Mobile Password, QR Code are always evolving, and knowing how to use and manage them will certainly help you to improve your Zimbra mailbox security. Zextras Auth is here to facilitate that for you, it’s one of the upcoming features of Zextras Suite 3.1.8 which defines a single class managing different authentication strategies and service authorizations. Zextras Auth also offers features including customized login pages, profiling, and security while it is backward-compatible with Zimbra CustomAuth.

Note: Zextras Auth will be released with Zextras Suite 3.1.8 in Beta.

In general, the goal of the Zextras Auth can be summarized in improving the security via first, granting the user to manage multiple credentials and enable them for different services, and second, enabling the admins to define policies for each service, and give them more granular control over the user sessions.

The upcoming Zextras Auth includes features like CustomAuth, Service Credential, and Anonymous Auth, although it won’t stop there and Zextras will incorporate new features in the future. QR code authentication for mobile Apps Team and Drive would be a good example of useful features in this release. Another example would be letting the user manage multiple mobile passwords for different devices. Using Zextras Auth Zimlet (Zextras Auth dedicated zimlet to manage all user credentials and the other features) now the users can manage their own credentials, although the admins can also continue to set the mobile password using the new command-line utility zxsuite auth credential.

Zextras Auth Zimlet

If you have Zextras Auth Zimlet enabled, you can add and delete passwords and check the status of all credentials by logging into the Zimbra Web Client and going to the Zimlets section to access the Zextras Auth Zimlet.

Zextras Auth Zimlet enables you to

  • Manage available authentication methods
  • Create new QR Code Credential
  • Create new Mobile Password
  • Create a one-time Password

To learn more about this Zextras Auth, please refer to Zextras Auth Documentation.

Download Zextras Suite for Zimbra OSE

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