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Zextras goes remote (if you want) | Blog

2020 was a really educational experience for us. Our company grew not only in numbers, but also as we learnt how to be organized without being physically together. This opened to new international opportunities.

As many companies, we had to close the offices in March 2020. However, being a digital company gave us the opportunity to keep on working. We were not just lucky to be in the software industry. We were ready to go towards the remote work. For instance, it may seem common, but every employee had a laptop. This is not granted, especially in Italy.

Was it easy? Of course not. However, despite the obvious initial difficulties of having to manage a team of forty developers remotely, we made the 12 planned releases without any delays.

Due to the forced experience of working from home, we realized that the product quality and the processes’ efficiency achieved in the past years set the basis for our 2020 success, even if we had to change the way to work.

We give great importance to the gatherings and to the office spaces, maybe this is the Italian blood we came from. This is why we won’t go full-remote. However, we decided to keep remote work part of our daily life, in order to let Zextras employees, at every level, achieve the best possible work-life balance.

Moreover, during the Covid emergency, we talked to our colleagues and we asked about how much time they would have spent at home working. The majority of them would have gone for half week at home and the other half at the office.

Thanks to their feedbacks, we understood that it is important to assure our company offices to gather, have coffee together, and plan. Then, we started training the company with agile courses, and immediately proposed them to auto-manage their own teams. Now, every team can decide how to work, where to work and when to meet.

This gave us the possibility to keep on expanding our teams worldwide, by hiring people also from different countries. Of course, we’re looking especially for people who are confident and happy to work remote. However, in the future we plan to open physical office also in other countries, as soon as we have a minimum number of people, who can benefit from them.

If you are interested in join our teams, you can look for the always open offerings here, or send you spontaneous application, too!

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