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Mobile synchronization for mail and shared items is nowadays something very important. Almost everyone owns a smartphone and use it to check his mail, share attachments, calendars, contacts while moving. That’s why Zextras through the EAS protocol allows native synchronization of your Zimbra mailbox with any mobile device, either IOS or Android.

To understand what is EAS Protocol, what are its pros and cons and why Zextras decided to use it for syncronization, and which are the alternatives, with their pros and cons, we suggest you to read the following article: Mail Protocols


As we told before, Zextras uses EAS protocol for mobile synchronization. One of the surely most interesting aspects of this protocol is that it gives you the possibility not only to synchronize mail messages, but also calendar, address book(s) and even tasks.


Zextras Suite let you easily synchronize your Zimbra mail account and all shared items on your mobile thanks to EAS protocol. Since this is natively supported and works on almost any mobile device, the basic set up is incredibly fast and easy.

To configure your email account on your mobile device, all you have to do is to open your favourite mail client or going to “settings” and set up the email account just entering your name server and your log in credentials. Your account will be automatically synchronized between server and your device.

If you want to learn more, please refer to our official documentation.


With the 3.1.9 release autocomplete function has been enhanced by also letting mobile devices be able to synchronize “emailed contacts”.

Let’s understand why it is useful:

Normally, on a mobile device connected via EAS, addresses to which an email has been sent, not being present in address book, are not proposed for self completition and are not be visible in mobile device address book.

In the webmail, on the other hand, after setting the proper options in “user preferences”, this kind of addresses are proposed by autocomplete function and present in “emailed contacts” folder.

Now, with this new Zextras release, when you start composing a new mail on your mobile device, autocomplete function will search in local contact, GAL, or shared contacts,

When composing a new mail via EAS device, autocomplete on recipient address will search in local contact, GAL, or shared contacts, according to Zimbra contacts settings.

If you want to try these features, and configure Zimbra mail on your mobile, you can start your Zextras Suite 30 days trial today !

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