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3.1.8 has been released. Here you are all the new and updated features, the beta ones included.

Customers can upgrade the Suite from our website in an easy self-service mode.

Powerful video calls with the Video Server

Infinitive scalable Video Server makes Team the full enterprise solution you were waiting for.

Thanks to the new video server, Team Pro is even more efficient, as it assures the best performance. The centralization of the video and the audio streams on the same server allows each participant to save bandwidth. Moreover, it keeps the video and the audio quality at the maximum level.

Check out the Video Server Official Documentation.

Patterns to manage IDs ABQ easily

A new defense for your e-mail is here!

Thanks to ABQ, admins can control mobile devices that access your server. Furthermore, they can limit the access to the ActiveSync protocol by allowing, quarantining, or blocking specific IDs.

However, managing several mobile IDs can be a long process. Now, admins can use patterns to manage ABQ easily without having to do it for every single device ID.

Read the ABQ documentation

Read the Zextras Suite 3.1.8 – Added features to ABQ


Backup on external storage

Don’t worry about running out of space! Choose between a network mount point or an S3 Bucket and backup your data directly there.

Address Book Service

Your Global Address Book and your custom Address Book will be available to external clients, such as Outlook.

Zextras Authentication

SAML, CustomAuth, Service Credential, and Anonymous Auth to improve your mailbox security.

Check the change log here

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