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Zextras Suite 3.3.0 has been released. Here are all the new and updated features.

Customers can upgrade the Zextras Suite by logging into their account on our website in an accessible self-service mode.


SAML Auto Logout

System administrators can now configure the SAML logout endpoint. For this purpose, when the user logs out of the system, the identity provider will invalidate the SAML endpoint so the next login requires user credentials.

Once the user clicks on the logout button in the web interface, the Zextras SAML will automatically call the SAML authentication endpoint in the identity provider to invalidate the cookie. The goal of this security countermeasure is to enhance the overall account safety by asking the users to provide their SAML credentials for the next login attempt.


Adding Members Privileges

The functionality of adding new members to a group is now limited only to group moderators to improve the conversation management.

Previously, every member in a group was able to add new members to the group using a dedicated button in the group info panel. With this upgrade, the add new members button is only available for the moderators to facilitate group management.

Muted User Notification

In meetings, a notification is displayed to the users muted by other participants until they confirm it to make sure they know to reactivate their microphone before speaking.

This prevents unnecessary confusion once a user wants to start to speak while they have been muted by other participants in a conversation. This is done by displaying a persistent snack bar to the muted users. This snack bar will disappear only if the user removes it manually.


Cache Access Improvement

Cache eviction policy of conversations won’t automatically remove every entry once a specific duration has elapsed after the creation, improving its performances.

For this purpose, the conversations cache is set to expire-after-access as opposed to expire-after-write. This way reading attempts are also acknowledged as well as writings, therefore, the entry is expired after the period is passed considering either the last reading or writing attempts.

Muting Privileges

In a group call, muting a member for all other participants is limited to moderators of groups, spaces, and channels to prevent unwanted misuse.

Each member had previously had the ability to mute other participants by the dedicated button on their tiles. This upgrade gives the privilege of using this button only to the moderators. This prevents other members to mute the speakers unintentionally and helps the moderators to better manage the group, spaces, and channels.



Excluding Folders in ActiveSync

Users can now use the web user interface to exclude some folders from syncing to their mobile devices.

This prevents the mobile app to display unwanted folders to improve user experience by enhancing folder management capabilities and creating a cleaner look. Users can specify which folders to be synced to their mobile app using the web user interface. Alternatively, administrators can exclude these folders from being synced through CLI. It also helps the system administrators to better manage the connection resources by not syncing unnecessary folders.


External Restore Improvement

External restore now

  • remap the contact groups containing contacts from the shared address book,
  • supports skip provisioning for the domain and delegated admin.

The external restore can restore all the contacts groups in the accounts even if the restore operation is interrupted before all the accounts have been scanned. The main goal of skip provisioning is to be able to relaunch a doExternalRestore operation even after many days from the migration, without losing important configuration made in the meantime on the environment.

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