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Zextras Suite 3.6.0 has been released. Here are all the new and updated features.

Customers can upgrade the Zextras Suite by logging into their account on our website in an accessible self-service mode.

Customizable Label for OTP

Users can easily choose their preferred label for the generated one-time passwords. It is done through Auth zimlet using an input field.

This is similar to the already existing behavior of the QRCode for mobile devices, where users can define their labels. Each label must be unique for the account, be between 1 to 20 characters long, include only letters and numbers without any space and special characters, and cannot be modified after creation.

To specify a label, users can:

  1. Log into their accounts
  2. Go in the Auth Zimlet from the left pane,
  3. Click on OTP tab,
  4. Press New OTP button.
  5. Insert the preferred label into the input field.

Mailbox Move – Change in the Backup Management

MailboxMove operation is revised in order to improve the overall performance by removing the backup task as a default stage in the process. This way, the backup will not be moved as it’s not necessary while slows down the process.

It will be helpful for the admins experiencing a slow down at the end task of a mailbox move. Moving the backup files is not necessary as the original files are still available on the source server.

Admins need to execute the command using the stage parameter to exclude backup migration. Admins will also be informed that the backup has not been migrated, so they can manually do that if it’s required.

Other Improvements

There are also some minor issues that are no longer available in the new release, such as:

  • ​​​​​In the case of a bulk delete containing a directory, the deletion fails with a MultiObjectDeleteException exception. Now the bulk delete service rewrites the bulk delete file and deletes other listed files.
  • Searching logs for different types of cleanup was not easy without the module names specified. Now the different types display module names as well.
  • The mute status of users is maintained after leaving the conversation resulting in staying mute on the next conversation. Now when the user leaves the data is removed to resolve the issue.

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