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Zextras Team: 3.1.9 new features | Blog

Zextras Team is a powerful Communication System, that improves collaboration in your company by integrating all the tools you might need in the Zimbra Web Client. It comes in a standard and a mobile version.

To know all the features, and see how it works, I suggest you to read these two articles from our blog:

With the new 3.1.9 release of Zextras Suite, some very useful features has been introduced, and with this article we would like to guide you through discovery them.


The first set of new features we want to introduce is about Video Meeting. In addition to an improved and more user friendly interface, now Instant Meeting gives you the opportunity to choose among different views: speaker view, grid-view and speaker in full-screen mode. This is great to manage your meetings, especially if you want to share your screen. But, I’m sure you would like to know something more and how they works:

In the picture above, you can see the user interface during a video meeting. In the bottom bar, you can find options to change your view. By clicking the “Grid” button, you can switch between different views. The Speaker View (as shown in the screen above) showing the video of the person who is speaking (or a video you may want to select as pinned) with all the others participants on a list on the right side and the Grid view, where you can see in a grid all the participants to the meeting:

Grid View

As you can see, there are two bottons, on both sides in the bottom interface. By clicking on them you can show or hide the chat and the participants. This let you have a speaker full screen view of the meeting, very useful, for example, in case of screen sharing.


A new feature that has been introduced with 3.1.9 release is the opportunity to mute conversations. This is incredibly useful to stop receiving notifications getting interrupted while you work.

When selecting one of your conversation (both private and group), you will see a new option on the right bar “Disable notifications”. By clicking on it, you will mute the conversation and you will no longer receive notifications from that chat until you reactivate them. An icon, next to the name of the person you are chatting with, will appear, showing that the conversation is silenced.


The last feature we would like to show you in this article, is the Mini Chat. Now it is possible to detach conversation from Team having a mini chat in the bottom right corner of your browser that can be used outside Team tab. That is very useful since you can chat, open video meetings and doing anything you want with Team while you are doing something else, like reading or writing mail, checking calendar, tasks .. without the needing of switching tab.

All you have to do is click on the arrow near the “camera” icon as shown below:

After that the mini chat will be enabled and you can use it.

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