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In this article we are going to analyze the Mailbox methods of the Zimbra REST API. For an overview and in-depth coverage about it, we refer you to the related article in our technical blog.

Export Mailbox

This method exports the entire content of a mailbox. The HTTP method to read data is get.

The basic URL structure is the following one:



Supported formats for this method are zip, tar, tgz


There are different parameters you can add to the URL of this method:

  • fmt – the response format is required.
  • query – the query string is optional.
  • meta – meta files inclusion is optional. If you want to include them, use meta=1. To not include them, use meta=0. If you don’t set this parameter, the default value is meta=1 when you use tar or tgz as response format, while is meta=0 if you choose zip format.


If you want to retrieve the entire mailbox for “james.red” as Compressed TAR format:

https://mail.sampledomain.com/home/james.red/?fmt=tgz&query=is:anywhere 2

If you want to retrieve the “sent” content (sent folder + all sub-folders) for “james.red” in ZIP format:

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