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Carbonio CE Advanced Course on Udemy

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Hello guys,

I'm proud to announce the Carbonio CE Advanced Course

In this course you will learn:

  • Install and setup ActiveSync server to connect Outlook and Mobile
  • Sending policies with cbpolicyd
  • Granular backups with cmbackup
  • Global and Delegated Admins with limited privileges
  • DDOS and Brute Force protection with fail2ban
  • Volumes management to expand disk space
  • Anti-Spam like a pro with SPFBL+KF
  • Using Active Directory to authenticate and automatic accounts provisioning
  • How to change Carbonio CE look adding wallpaper and company logos.


With fully hands-on video classes and an awesome support material with all commands used, you'll get it fast and easy. Just follow all step-by-step tutorials and bring your Carbonio CE Server to the next level!

It's in English with subtitles in Portuguese, French, Italian and Spanish (let me know if you want/need it in other languages)


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@anahuac, great job for all interesting Carbonio! 👍 

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