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AlmaLinux Issues

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Hi! I have using zimbra foss for many years, and want to upgrade to carbonio ce. Have sacesfully intaled it on test server with almalinux. I have read that almalinux officialy not supported, but maybe it will later. Wanted to post some bugs that i find: I dont see mta configs in admin panel; on web client dont work any of auth options. On Exchange after creating blank password, on mobile app after creating blank window (no qr code or some other code), same on the desktop app, on otp button "create password" not take any effect. After today update started working Apple ical, before update it cant be turned on. And now doc editor opens fine, before update its opened with error. If somene istalled carbonio ce on rockylinux ? There is same problems ?

The product looks nice and have potential. I hope it will grow with new functionality and bug fixing. For now i really want functionality for adding external calendars like in zimbra.

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thanks for reporting, the problems you mention have already been posted on forum and reported to our developers. If you search the forum you will found discussions on them.