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Carbonio CE OTP QR generation fails

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Dear All,


Carbonio CE version 23.7.4 (fresh installation)
Rocklinux 8.8

Unable to generate qr codes for OTP authentication and Mobile/Desktop authentications.

Also, may i know whether Carbonio CE has support for 2fa apps like Google Authenticator, Authy etc.

Thanks in advance.


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Hello @techtroves,

To answer your question, no, Carbonio CE does not support 2FA. It is one of the features of Carbonio (which is a different product for large-scale organizations).

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I can totally understand Zextras having a different product to larger organizations with many fancy features that are not available in Community Edition... it's a business after all, right?

What I don't get is why part of those features that are not suppose to work are visually available for CE version? I mean, this mislead people to believe they can have it or use it when they can't.

In the other hand features that you have published as available for CE version are not there, like the whole MTA setup.

I know it's a lot of work, I know it's hard work as well... but please understand we need to point it out as ask you to fix this =)

I really don't want to sound unfair ou just being asking more and more. I want to congratulate you all for the good job and contribute to make it better.


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