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Changing IP addresses

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Hello to everyone again. 

I have another question for you all. I myself have at the moment abandoned deploying Zextras in my environment because the task is just simply too great. I am however, supporting an install as a favor for a friend, who has a small number of domains and accounts.

He has a single server hanging off my network only supporting IPv4. He has a private IP with a  public IP configured via 1:1 NAT. 

I need to move the network he is on. As a result his private IP will change from 10.52.52.x with a public IP of 45.45.168.x to 10.10.12.x with a public IP of 192.40.141.x.

His server is running on Centos 8. Changing IP's on Centos 8 is easy. What I don't know is what I will need to do to make Carbonio happy after the change. Can anyone provide some input?

Thank you in advance.

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With Zimbra, and carbonio I guess, there is no problem with adding an interface, or many, but it will be very risky to modifiy original interface, because the original IP address is set in some config that are in differents files and in the LDAP database himself. 

The best solution to my point of view is either your reinstall completely or you just add a new interface that you will use (and set the default route to) and you keep the old interface and IP, even with a netmask of /32.


Jim Dunphy
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update /etc/hosts, your dns and your machine working with the new ip and restart carbonio. You can always query all of ldap and localconfig with something like

zmprov gs `zmhostname` | grep X.X.X.X 

zmlocalconfig | grep X.X.X.X

Have not done carbonio but zimbra is trivial so would not be surprised if carbonio is even easier. It's fairly common to change ip's when you test disaster recovery scenarios or want to verify upgrades on a snapshot before applying to your production server.