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at first let me congratulate on the step of forking Zimbra.

I know this is just the start of the fork and you'll be very busy with just taking over the codebase and maintaining it.

But nevertheless i want to ask, if zextras already has plans, or at least spent some time on the idea of providing the many services of carbonio in container images?

Regarding the current nature of the industry migrating everything towards Docker/K8s, i just wanted to be curious about your plans on this topic.


Kind Regards


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Hi Marwel,

Fist of all, thank you for the congratulations, but I want to clarify CarbonioCE is not intended as a fork.

We are creating a new system using just some of the Zimbra GLP components that we are treating as the other 3rd part components in the project, while the vast majority of the code is Zextras'.

Today we are focusing to complete the CarbonioCE repo with all the code we have in our internal repos to reach a production ready version.

We are actually releasing native packages (deb-rpm) and some Virtual machine for a faster test but we can also consider to release in as Docker images if the community will request it.

This project wants to be a Community Edition for real so we will listen to you all to be sure we will deliver, with your help, what you really need.

Please consider to support us with testing and reporting  in this beta phase and then if you will like with some pull request 🙂




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Hey Paolo, thanks for the fact that a docker image might be something coming up in the future.

looking forward to that.

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@paolo docker image of the Carbonio CE will be extremely good. Zimbra docker images have not be done since 2018.

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Posted by: @sonersivri

docker image of the Carbonio CE will be extremely good.


til now the "ce-single" is not really good.  many things missing, image not populating its files to external volumes... ( i.e. persistent storage and database )

guess it will  still take some time 🙂


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Hi everyone, I also think that a good container image for Carbonio CE will be so good for the community, it could be deployed in kubernetes clusters and use external volumes to persistent data and son on. I really think it will be usefull. 

Thanks and have a nice day, 👍 

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