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Separate CarbonioCE itself and Files feature.Tell me which packages should I choose.

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I have tried isntallation of 'Carbonio CE and Files feature' on single server environment.

New UI is very good, but working slow especially while using Files feature.


Before, I have used two virtual is 'zimbra9OSE by Zextras and Suite'.

Another machine is zdocs dedicated.

These environment were very smooth in working, and I was satisfied.


And now, migrating to CarbonioCE, I have come to think better to separate Carbonio itself and Files feature as bofore(=zimbra era)

From this time, 'mesh system' was introduced.variety of packages exist.

I don't have an idea which packages should I choose as just the same conditions as zimbra and dedicated zdocs.


Accoding to installation guide


service-discover-server \
carbonio-directory-server \
carbonio-proxy \
carbonio-webui carbonio-files-ui \
carbonio-admin-login-ui \
carbonio-mta  \
carbonio-appserver carbonio-logger  \
carbonio-user-management \
carbonio-files-ce carbonio-files-db \
carbonio-storage-ce \
carbonio-preview-ce \
carbonio-docs-connector-ce carbonio-docs-editor \

To realize zimbra and zdocs separate environment,

Cabonio CE itself should contain service-discover-server, carbonio-directory-server, carbonio-proxy, carbonio-webui, carbonio-admin-login-ui,

carbonio-mta, cabonio-appserver, carbonio-logger, carbonio-user-management, carbonio-storages-ce, carbonio-files-ui?


Files feature should contain  carbonio-files-ce, carbonio-files-db, carbonio-preview-ce, carbonio-docs-connecor-ce, carbonio-docs-editor, postgresql-12?


Please anybody teach me.I want the same situation as zimbra9 and dedicated zdocs which is perfectly separated.

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I have two virtual machines.

A machine has 3TB storages. On the other hand, B machine has only 500GB.

I want to store all the data(including e-mail and office documents and some pictures)

So that I decided that A machine should contain StoreNode and should have all the Data.

B machine can only provide File-edit and let me see document Files.Just only purpose for these functions.


So, I am wondering about the deferences between 'carbonio-storages-ce' and 'carbonio-appserver'?


According to installation manual, StoreNode seems to have to contain 'carbonio-appserver',

Thus 'carbonio-appserver' proves to be 'StorePlace for all data'? 

On the other hand, about 'carbonio-storages-ce', I feel from its name 'This is StorePlace for all Data, maybe...'

or maybe 'carbonio-storages-ce' can only display doc-Files indexes? 


I am guessing which packages should I install to A and B machine.....

For example,

B machine: carbonio-storages-ce/carbonio-files-ce/carbonio-files-db/carbonio-user-management/ and "service-discover-argent/postgres-12"

A machine: other than above(discover-serv,directory,proxy,web-ui,files-ui,mta,appserver,logger,preview-ce,docs-connector-ce,docs-editor)


Is this constitution O.K. for the same conditions of zimbra9+zextrasDocs era(2 virtual machines)?

Please tell me someone!