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Suggestion to consider for future options

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Not really sure this is the best place to post this, but here it is...

Many..many years ago I used a product called Cloudmark for email spam protection.  I loved it, it integrated very well "with" Zimbra.  Then they came along and would not sell license counts below 50....then they were sold...  I've worked with the built in options in Zimbra, but have never been satisfied with how it works.  Sure it catches some, but if I make it tighter, it start pulling out good emails.  There doesn't seem that there is any real product for small businesses.  Well, there are some where I can have the mail sent to their MTA's to forward to me, or set up another device in front of Zimbra which doesn't interest me.  I liked the way the Cloudmark integrated and it was all contained on the Zimbra Server, but that is no more.  I'd like to see Zextras to be able to provide something like this as an option in their licensing for something better.  There may not be a demand for it, Zextras would have to figure that out.  I'm just making a suggestion for something to consider.