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ZeXtras Chat Beta


Hello Betatesters!

This thread is the main hub for all information about the ZeXtras Chat betatesting...
Specifically, this thread is for:

- ZeXtras Chat Zimlet dowload link and updates
- Feature Discussion
- Bug Reports
- Praise and Complaints

The ZeXtras Chat module is compatible with Zimbra 7 and Zimbra 8. ZeXtras Suite 1.6.3 or higher is required, and bug reports will only be accepted when the reporter is using the latest version of ZeXtras Suite.
The ZeXtras Chat Zimlet is designed for Firefox and Chrome, right now it is not usable with Internet Explorer.
The ZeXtras Chat module is completely free of charge, so it will be functional even if your server doesn't have a valid/ongoing license.

The ZeXtras Chat Zimlet
The ZeXtras Chat Zimlet contains the clientside UI for ZeXtras Chat and is available for download at the end of this post.

In order to enable the ZeXtras Chat features for one or more of your users you'll need to:
- Deploy the ZeXtras Chat Zimlet on your Zimbra server either through the Zimbra Administration Console or the Zimbra Command Line Interface.
- Enable the ZeXtras Chat Zimlet for the Users or Classes of Service of your choice through the Zimbra Administration Console (a browser refresh is needed in order for the zimlet to be loaded by the client.)

ZeXtras Chat Features
Currently, the following features are available:

- Add an IM contact from the ZeXtras Chat panel or through the context menu when right cliking on an address book contact.
- A Nickname can be assigned for each contact
- Start an IM chat by doubleclicking an IM contact in your contact list (on the right side of the Zimbra Webclient)
- Remove IM contacts
- Manage your IM status (online, invisible, do not disturb etc..)

Bug Reports

Bugs for the ZeXtras Chat Beta must be reported in this thread. Bugs reported on the ZeXtras Bugzilla, other threads/topics or through the contact forms available on the ZeXtras Website will not be considered.

Please remember to always include the following informations in your bug reports:
- OS and Architecture of your Server
- Zimbra version
- ZeXtras version
- Browser name and version (for issues related with the webclient)
- Description of the issue

ZeXtras Chat Zimlet
ZxChat Public Page

Thank you for your cooperation,

the ZeXtras Team

Topic starter Posted : 11/19/2012 13:38