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Migration From Zimbra9 Network edition to Zimbra9 OSE

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Hello Team,

I am having zimbra9 NE running on centos7 but now i need to migrate from NE to OSE, secondly i thought, if i am planning for migration as said earlier why should not prepare new environment with Ubuntu 20( as centos7 is getting EOL) so now my migration scenario is like this.

OLD Server: Zimbra9 network edition on centos7

New Server (migration plan): Zimbra9 open source edition(zextra version) on ubuntu 20.04

I have successfully completed all the steps although multiple new steps were also made from couple of blogs, but in the end when my server was ready i found my license information was still poping up on OSE, i don't know why even creating on new account was denied due to license issue as earlier network edition was for limited accounts of 100 only.

adding to this one of the service convertd was not starting and was failed. rest of all the services were showing fine.

Did any one found any such glitch or if any one can share any idea or experience they have gone through this. Help and assistance required here from zextra team as well.