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Zimbra migration guidance - Zimbra Multiserver Environemnt

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Dear Tech Team,

I am not experiencing this tool before. and currently, our Zimbra infrastructure is running on 8.7.11 with around 16TB data. we are planning to migrate our Zimbra environment into new with some added servers with any data corruption.

I want to know about the process.
* Do we need to set up new servers with Old FQDN and the same settings or can we migrate our data to a new version (latest 8.8.15 p8) with some more added load balancers with new FQDNs from our current production?
* Do we need a huge downtime while taking backup.
- We are planning to minimize the downtime on our current production then once everything starts running with 8.8.15 p8, point our DNS records to the new server.

* do you have any process guidance for this migration?
We have installed the Legacy version on our current production.

Kindly give some advice for the activity.

Eagerly waiting for your response.

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I suggest you to start reading the dedicated article from our blog: Zextras Migration