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Zimbra Connect Autocomplete Bugs

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we have the following problems here:
1. While creating a new chat and searching for the accounts, it is not possible to find the accounts from the contact list other than "Emailed Contacts"
2. It is not possible to find accounts with the exact match in the infrastructure

We are using the "Extended Search" autocomplete setting: https://zimbra.github.io/zimbra-9/adminguide.html#_autocomplete
Our accounts are not in the GAL because it is a shared domain like @gmail.com or @hotmail.com. The only contact in our GAL is our support@ Account
So if you look at the picture:

We do only have to look at Internal because External autocomplete is only used for Instant Meeting which we are not using.
Number 3 and 4 are the GAL search so we also dont need to thing about that.
2 and 5 are the ones we want to use.
2 are contacts in the infrastructure: It is working only with emailed contacts. The suggestion works but searching with the excact match is not working
5 are accounts in the infrastructure (not in contacts): It is not working to find the accounts with the excact match

We already opened a case last year to Synacor with no solution yet. But our Synacor case only descriped the 1. problem.
We used the setting "global" until yesterday but since we do now have other domains than the shared domain on our platform which are using the GAL, we can't longer use the "global" setting for the shared domain because they also find the accounts from the other customer domains. 

Since there is no solution yet and I think Synacor will not fix the bugs in general, I was hoping you can help us to find a solution asap.
Thank you!