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ZxAuth: Invalid Domains Data From server mail.domain.ca

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Every time I reboot or restart the mail server I see this message:
The following domains are missing:
Domain 'domain.ca' is missing host name.

Is there something to be done to resolve it since the domain is still existing.

Thank you

Fabio Knoll
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Hello Rony, thank you for contacting us!

It seems that there are missing parameters from your Domain configuration, which is mandatory since Zimbra 8.7 onward. 


This configuration is necessary for Zimbra's reverse proxy and issues may happen when missing or invalid configuration in your domain - please make sure that the following Zimbra configuration keys are valid and set for that domain: zimbraPublicServiceHostname, zimbraPublicServicePort and zimbraPublicServiceProtocol


That can be verified with the output of:

for dom in $(zmprov gad); do zmprov gd $dom zimbraPublicServiceProtocol zimbraPublicServiceHostname zimbraPublicServicePort; done


Additionally, the Domain configuration can be accessed on GUI Admin panel through the menus Configure > Domains > Your Domain;

And in CLI running: zmprov md DOMAIN.TDL zimbraPublicServiceProtocol PROTOCOL zimbraPublicServiceHostname HOSTNAME zimbraPublicServicePort PORT,


Please remember to substitute the uppercase values according to your needs, example:

zmprov md example.com zimbraPublicServiceProtocol https zimbraPublicServiceHostname mail.example.com zimbraPublicServicePort 443


Then if any changes were made, please regenerate the reverse proxy scripts with /opt/zimbra/libexec/zmproxyconfgen and finally restart the reverse proxy with zmproxyctl restart command.


Then clear server cache with zmprov fc all && zmprov fc zimlet as a good practice.

Hope this was helpful, please let me know if you require any further assistance.