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If I have all of Zextras products, what would be the best way to handle allowing someone to upload files securely? Keep in mind that 'secure' drop location would have to be such that different uploaders could not see or access the files others have uploaded. Just looking at many different products and ways of accomplishing this but would rather leverage Zimbra/Zextras if possible. It's just not clear to me which approach will end with a result I am looking for.

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@tgxperience I would like to answer your question in two categories. 

  • Internal users - the best way is to have a dedicated folder for each user, the user will have read/write permissions on the folder. Of course, the users will be able to see/modify/delete their own files but not others' ones
  • External users - due to security concerns, currently there's no way to give external users write permissions with ZxDrive so it's not possible to permit them to upload files.