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Installation Halted!! Unable to determine the minimum required ZAL version

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Dear Zextras Support,

We have been using Zextras Software suite since 21 April 2015 ,500 numbers of perpetual license. Now we want top shift that license to a new Zimbra 8.8.15_GA_4018.FOSS email server from our old server 8.8.11_GA_3772 FOSS.The version we are suing in Zimbra 8.8.15_GA_4018.FOSS is 2.12.2.
Now I dowloaded the zextras using link wget and when I try to install it its throwing an error as follows.

root@email:/home/mailadmin/zextras_suite# ./ all


Checking for existing installations ...

FOUND Zimbra 8.8.15 FOSS P22

Error: Could not find or load main class com.zextras.ZxSuite
Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.zextras.ZxSuite

Unable to determine the minimum required ZAL version

Exiting ...

Hence please help me to install the zextras in my new server

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Hello @lijulalu1, this is a forum for exchanging information and experiencing with peers. If you're a customer you have full access to Zextras Support, so I suggest opening a ticket here:


Fabio Knoll
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Hello @lijulalu1 , thank you for contacting us.

This error generally arise when there is connectivity issues on your server, that could be caused by network and/or firewall rules for example.

As @stefania kindly suggested, please open a ticket through so we can look into this issue in detail.

Looking forward to assist.