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SAML setup: zx path API error

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I'm trying to setup SAML following this guide. I patched and restarted nginx but I still only get

zx path API error

when trying to access /zx/auth/samlMetadata?

Zextras 3.5.0, Zimbra 9 by Zextras.

I haven't found any error in mailbox.log.

What could it be?



P.S. I think this page is outdated and should be removed.

Fabio Knoll
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Hello @maxxer,

Thank you for contacting us and for the suggestion regarding the documentation, we are currently reviewing it and on the meantime please allow me to share a couple articles that I hope you may find them interesting:


Zextras Suite - Added Features to Auth:
Improve the security using Zextras 2FA:


On our recent experience the most common motives for this issue would be missing parameters in the server configurations, specially `zimbraAuthMech` and `zimbraWebClientLoginURL` parameters. Domain settings can also affect this scenario and we can verify it through the output of this command:


* `for dom in $(zmprov gad); do zmprov gd $dom zimbraPublicServiceProtocol zimbraPublicServiceHostname zimbraPublicServicePort zimbraAuthMech zimbraWebClientLoginURL; done`


Bellow is an command example that can be used to change the parameters mentioned:


* `zmprov md DOMAIN.TDL zimbraPublicServiceProtocol PROTOCOL zimbraPublicServiceHostname HOSTNAME zimbraPublicServicePort PORT zimbraAuthMech AUTHMECHTYPE zimbraWebClientLoginURL CLIENTLOGINPAGE`


Please remember to substitute the values according to your needs (e.g. `zmprov md zimbraPublicServiceProtocol https zimbraPublicServiceHostname zimbraPublicServicePort 443 zimbraAuthMech custom:zx zimbraWebClientLoginURL /zx/login/page/`)


Hope that you will find this information helpful, please let us know if we can assist you further.