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Building for debian?

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has somebody tried to build Zimbra for Debian? Is there a chance that you will provider packages, or is there any kind of reason it can't work (binary only files in buildtree)?

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Hi @maldoon ,

if you want to deploy a zimbra to debian you need to re-compile all the packages for this OS.

Main problem are packages that contains software that are builded using OS libraries and it depends on these libraries.

e.g. postfix (zimbra-mta meta package ) is builded using ubuntu libraries

If you want to compile zimbra for debian you need to re-compile it, changing the builder scripts offered by zimbra and so on, good luck!


Zextras is working on a new project called Carbonio, if you want you can open a feature request to zextras team and ask if they can build a carbonio release for debian.