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Logo Banner in Zexras Theme

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Plase teach me how to change logo banner.

I alway use Zextras Theme, it is very cool and I like it.

But I want to chane Logo (White character "zimbra" and blueback) to what I made originally.

I tried to change in Admin Console, and set logo URL and jump URL as I like.

Unfortunately, it applis to old theme except Zextras Theme.

Can I change freely logo in Zextras Theme? If possible, I want to change it 'Per Domain' because I have some domains.

If anyone knows how to, Please teach me, please.



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Yes I would like to know as well.  I am trialing zextras suite right now and really like the zextras theme, but can the colors of the theme be changed?  I typically use the zimbra "Lake" theme which is dark blue..