FZM Teknoloji renews the partnership with Zextras to improve the support in the Turkish market

Izmir / Milano, March 2021 – Zextras and FZM Teknoloji renewed their partnership to better support Turkish customers from the choice of the product till the last-mile activities and professional services.

The choice of a B2B software can be a delicate, long, and complicated activity. This is why FZM specialized in accompanying its customers in the whole life-cycle.

They aim to smooth lead customers to the best quality product and services, at the right cost. Consequently, they are open source supporters.

Being already Zimbra Open Source providers, some years ago FZM chose Zextras Suite to improve Zimbra Open Source offering. Today, the companies are reconfirming their alliance to bring it to the next level.

In Turkey, especially after Coronavirus, B2B is increasingly demanding for advanced features to cover both remote working both security issues. Zimbra with Zextras Suite is what they need indeed.

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