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The Zextras Community Project | Blog

The Zextras Community Project was born to share knowledge around Zimbra Open Source and, of course, Zextras Suite and to initiate new discussions with the community.

As Zimbra Open Source users ourselves, we’ve experienced all the stages from the installation to the platform’s daily usage. We have always been trying to make the most out of it and make it even better with the Suite we developed. We feel loyalty to the community, and we’ve been noticing that many articles about Zimbra OSE are getting old, but new users’ needs and questions continue to arise. We always bump into questions from users struggling with fundamental but frustrating issues, but they can’t find answers. Other times, it is just a matter of customizing the platform to use it better… and for that, only healthy debate is what people need.

Therefore, we decided to convey all our knowledge about Zimbra OSE on a single hub and keep it updated. In this portal, you’ll find different kinds of materials. For instance, we just started a series of articles to help everybody who is a beginner with Zimbra Open Source. We’ll dedicate some pages to the new releases of Zextras Suite and how to use it at its best.

Moreover, we refreshed our Forum’s threads for the experts looking for suggestions with the OSE version or Zextras Suite. This is why you won’t find obsolete content anymore. The categories are aligned with Zextras Suite, and there’s a section totally dedicated to the OSE solution.

Feel free to open threads in the Forum! Zextras will join the conversations not as technical support (the ticket section is in the Support Portal) but as users who are using Zimbra themselves (they actually are!) and can understand issues you may have (they experienced them too!).

We’d like to talk with you about what we publish, too. Our articles are only a basis to start new conversations and reach new horizons. There’s more. Please, feel free to propose any topic you’d like to read about or submit your own article by writing to community@zextras.com

We’d be more than happy if you join us in this new journey towards the growth and spread of Zimbra Open Source knowledge.

See you and stay open!

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