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Items Deduplication and File Compression for Zimbra with Zextras Suite

Zextras suite item deduplication and file compression allow you to save disk space by compressing files and storing only one copy of each item. It will save you a lot...
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Digital Transformation & Change Management – Email Clients Shortcomings

This is the first article of the series Digital Transformation & Change Management. In this article, we will talk about email clients' differences and in particular some of their insufficiencies...
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Zextras awarded as the top collaboration solution provider by CIO Review Europe

We're glad to announce CIO Review Europe listed Zextras among the top-ten collaboration solution providers in Europe. "This great recognition tells us we're going in the right direction. We'll keep...
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Zextras Suite 3.4.0

Zextras Suite 3.4.0 has been released. Here are all the new and updated features. Customers can upgrade the Zextras Suite by logging into their account on our website in an...
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Zextras Suite Advanced Backup and Restore System for Zimbra

I bet you as a Zimbra system administrator can easily recall hundreds of times you needed to restore some lost data. Generally, two very common circumstances can badly corner a...
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Load Balancing Overview

With this article we want to go over a general overview of load balancing. We're going to get a better understanding of what it is, how it works, and what...
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Fresh content every now and then about Zimbra OSE, tips & tricks, Zextras products and more!