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Powering Up SMBs: A Comprehensive Guide to Leveraging Carbonio and Carbonio Community Edition for Business Growth and ROI | Carbonio CE

This article will explore the concepts of the Carbonio and Carbonio community edition. We will explain facts so you can understand how small and even medium-sized businesses can thrive by leveraging the best ROI provided by the community edition and when Carbonio can be more suitable for your business.

Before entering the main topic, let’s understand who we consider small, medium or large businesses.

Now, there are a few widely used criteria for classifying businesses. They are:

  • Number of Employees
  • Operating Revenue
  • Total Assets

It is possible that there could be some more criteria to classify businesses, but for the sake of keeping the discussion simple, we are going to use these criteria.

So, if the number of employees of an organization is around 100, then it is considered to be a small business. If the number of employees of an organization is up to 499, then it is also considered a medium-sized business. Any organization with more than 499 employees is regarded as a large business. Though these numbers can vary from country to country, the total operative revenue and assets can also be decisive in determining business classification.

But let’s not deviate from our primary issue to understand why and when to choose Carbonio Community Edition and Carbonio. Get more insight on small, medium and large businesses from this article.

Let’s talk about the Carbonio Community Edition First.

Carbonio Community Edition is more suitable for small and, in some cases, medium-sized businesses. Because to deploy a Carbonio Community Edition, you need a server with a one-time cost. And with that, you can avail features like:

  • Email
  • Contacts
  • Calendar
  • Files
  • Chat (In the developing phase)
  • Customizable User Preference
  • Highly Customizable Admin Panel
  • Dedicated Mobile Apps

These are the features that every cloud/enterprise-grade collaboration platform has. But at what cost? Completely free!

You need a physical or cloud server (VPS) to deploy a full-fledged email collaboration platform. And as long as your server has free storage, you can continue your operation with this community edition without bleeding out any hefty monthly opex. Even if your server runs out of storage, you can free up the space using various methods (i.e., deleting old unnecessary emails, downloading old emails, etc.).

To get a rough estimate, if an organization has 100 employees, the monthly opex cost with cloud platforms could be around $600-$1000. This can be exhausting for any small to even medium business, especially when, worldwide, such organisations face tough competition and challenges to expand and grow their businesses.

Therefore, Zextras is committed to helping these small and medium organizations to thrive their businesses in this challenging time by providing the Carbonio Community Edition. The free, open-source, digital workplace for your business ensures digital sovereignty yet is enhanced with many features that most open-source solutions lack.

But what are the thought processes of our developers and think tanks behind the scenes:

  • Keep the system free from unnecessary complexities.
  • Making features simpler and more logical
  • Making the system as robust and stable as it could be.
  • Making the maintenance easier with homegrown system admins.
  • Operating the system without the need for any advanced support.

Therefore, you may feel that it can adopt some more features. We are not denying it. We assure you that we are working each day to improve the community edition than yesterday.

We also would not say we won’t go the extra mile to fulfil our users’ expectations. So stay tuned with us. If you want more details on why you should choose Carbonio Community Edition, then this article might be helpful for you.

Now let’s see the Carbonio.

Carbonio is more suitable for medium to large organizations.  The reason is more related to the complexity of organizational needs than anything else.

So, let’s take a quick look at some features that Carbonio offers:

  • All Carbonio Community Edition Features
  • White labelling and Branding
  • Authentication-related security features
  • Advanced mobile device management features
  • Video Meeting
  • Advanced storage management with object storage support, HSM, volume management tools, etc.
  • Built-in high-availability
  • Disaster Recovery and backup system
  • Premium support from Zextras’ dedicated support team

With Carbonio, you will get a highly customizable, state-of-the-art digital workplace that is compliant with digital sovereignty guidelines (i.e., GDPR, etc.). Carbonio’s state-of-the-art architecture can easily be scaled out to multi-server infrastructure with the service mesh technology. In carbonio, the pricing is so flexible that it is designed to cost what feature the users wish to use, unlike cloud platforms where you get a bundle where many of the features are not used by general/non-IT users.

In the end, we can say every business matters to us. Therefore, we want to help them with the community edition or Carbonio.

So, stay with us. Please support us with your valuable comments and feedback. Let us support your business with the best possible ROI.

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