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Why Not All Digital Workplace Solutions Are Suitable For All Businesses | Blog

According to Gartner, the Digital Workplace

  • Enables new, more effective ways of working
  • Raises employee engagement and agility
  • Exploits consumer-oriented styles and technologies

However, there is no free lunch. All these benefits come with a cost and that is a lack of privacy. Here we will see why some businesses require to use of only a private digital workplace and what could be the solution.

Why do some businesses need a private digital workplace?

Generally speaking, every enterprise that gathers, stores, or deals with sensitive data, needs absolute privacy. There are two reasons for that

  • First, they cannot afford to expose their sensitive data to multiple touchpoints that come with cloud solutions
  • Second, there are regulations such as General Data Protection Regulation that they need to comply with while dealing with sensitive data

Government agencies, public sectors, large international corporations, highly-regulated industries, and service providers need to satisfy a wide range of customers with different needs are the most common examples.

They need security, control over their infrastructure, and absolute sovereignty over their data. The major concerns for these organizations can be summarized in one word and that is privacy.

To read more about the digital workplace and privacy concerns please refer to Roots of Cloud Computing and Data Privacy Concerns.

What is missing?

Let’s see what digital workplaces lack that is considered a deal-breaker for some businesses. The most important factor to provide privacy for these businesses is sovereignty. It means they have control over their infrastructure and data.

That’s why on-premises deployment, as opposed to cloud-based alternatives, is a perfect solution for them. To put it simply, an on-premises digital workplace solution is hosted on your organization’s premises and managed by your own IT team.

If you need more information on this subject you can read A Crucial Choice of Email Servers: Cloud-based vs. On-premises.

Why they are more cloud rather than on-premises solutions? There are several factors such as cost and ease. Cloud deployment is cheaper in the short term. It also needs less support, maintenance, and training which makes it a great choice for small businesses.

The solution

Deciding where you want to host your digital workplace depends on your business objectives and the privacy regulations your industry needs to comply with.

As we said before, the cloud can be a good fit for small businesses that have fewer resources to start a digital workplace. Another factor is the enterprise features like collaborative editing and videoconferences that are usually missing in on-premises solutions. However, Zextras Carbonio aimed to solve this problem once and for all.

Zextras Carbonio provides you with all the enterprise features of a digital workplace while maintaining privacy and absolute sovereignty over your infrastructure and data.

On-premises digital workplaces ensure 100% compliance with data policies. They also provide you with a lot of flexibility to adjust and adapt to potential revamps in the future.

The pay-per-user model which is not usually available in the on-premises solutions facilitates pre-provisioning for Zextras Carbonio customers.

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