How to Set Up a Static IP Address on Ubuntu Server | Carbonio CE

The previous article showed you how to deploy a Carbonio server in a demo environment. It was meant for testing purposes and used dnsmasq to resolve A and MX records....
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How to Install Your DNS Server Using Dnsmasq for Test Environment of Carbonio Community Edition | Carbonio CE

A DNS server becomes very handy on several occasions where you need to define your DNS, disable the automatic DHCP server, and use a static IP. This guide can also...
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How to Deploy a Private E-mail Server for Free Using Zextras Carbonio Community Edition On Ubuntu 20.04 LTS | Carbonio CE

The article has been updated to be compatible with Carbonio CE Release 23.12.0, 24.1.0 Zextras Carbonio Community Edition (CE) is an open-source and free e-mail server. Zextras Carbonio CE provides...
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Native Packaging vs. Installers – Secure Installation of Carbonio Community Edition | Carbonio CE

Software programs in the source code have to be compiled and built first in order for the consumes to easily install and use. Software packaging within the various Linux distros...
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