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Calculate your ROI thanks to Zextras Storage Management | Blog

Zextras Suite storage management system, also known as Powerstore, offers many features for Zimbra that no third-party alternatives come even close to their quality. Although the unique advantages of Zextras Suite features can easily justify its cost, there is also an evident return on investment for your company.

Imagine buying a product that, besides its unique features with a ton of advantages, also renders economic returns for your company. This economic return is called return on investment or ROI. Zextras Powerstore features that contribute to your return on investment are:

  • Item deduplication,
  • File compression,
  • Hierarchical storage management,
  • Cloud storage.

In some cases, the savings delivered by these features can be even more than the cost of Zextras Suite. The following chart is an example of using Zextras Powerstore features for a year. It’s clear that in this case, savings are more than the cost of Zextras Suite which leads to a positive return on investment.


Please note that this is only an example based on a use case introduced in our whitepaper on Zextras storage management. The actual figures based on your use cases and your Zimbra server properties can vary but certainly are in the same ballpark.

We also compiled a whitepaper to show how exactly you can calculate your return based on your use case and data.

Calculate Your Savings!

It’s quite easy to calculate the amount of money you save. In the whitepaper, you will learn to calculate the savings delivered by each feature based on real-world data and scenarios.

How It Works

In the whitepaper, you’ll see how much each feature contributes to savings, including real-world examples. For instance, automatic deduplication and compression of files in a Zimbra server equipped with the Zextras Suite reduce the space needed to store your data by 50% of the space used by the block storage devices.

On the other hand, hierarchical storage management enables you to automatically migrate infrequently accessed data into a much more economical storage device, reducing up to 90% of the space needed on the primary volume. Using cloud storage for Zimbra servers is another feature of Zextras Suite that reduces up to 30% of the costs by eliminating secondary costs such as maintenance.

Although each of the features can individually contribute to your savings, with the help of case studies in the whitepaper, we also show you how the combination of these features can benefit you the most.

What Information You Need

The above assumptions about individual features certainly help you in your calculations; however, you will need more details to calculate your return. The storage costs, the number of mailboxes, your use case, and deduplication and compression ratios are some of the necessary information you might need; still, they are all included in the whitepaper, so you don’t need to search on the internet for additional data. You can substitute the figures based on your use cases and data.

Download the Whitepaper

We encourage you to download our whitepaper on the return on investment of Zextras storage management and follow the steps to calculate your return based on your use case and data. You can substitute the storage costs, the number of mailboxes, and other factors with your available data.

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