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Zextras Released Its Own Build of Zimbra 9 Open Source Edition | Blog

 In 2020 Zextras released its own build for the popular Zimbra mail server. This build is based on Zimbra’s official repositories after discovering that there would be no official build for Zimbra 9 open-source edition. Here in this article, you will learn more about this build.

Zextras To The Rescue!

Zimbra is one of the most known open-source mail servers which provides millions of users in a wide range of industries such as education, government, and service providers around the world. Synacor which acquired Zimbra several years ago decided to change its open-source policies in 2020. This led to a halt in releasing the official Zimbra 9 open-source edition. However, Synacor provided Zimbra users with the Zimbra 9 source codes to create their own build which requires years of experience. On the other hand, Zextras that has always expanded Zimbra functionalities and had a deep knowledge of Zimbra structure took the responsibility of building a professional Zimbra 9 open source edition based on Zimbra’s official repositories.

Zextras CEO Paolo Storti took this decision to support the open-source community as he writes:

In the late ‘90s, I’ve started to work as a Linux System administrator. Lately, I’ve focused on providing Open Source email solutions: during this period, the struggle is real. Integrating and maintaining a multitude of heterogeneous components was an ongoing challenge, nights and days spent on finding the way to provide a suitable solution.

Some years later Zimbra broke into the scene and this was definitely the turning point for me: I immediately fell in love with the chance to provide a solution maintained as a single project in which all the pieces fit perfectly together.

As a communication systems fan and Open Source supporter, I’ve found in Zimbra everything I’ve always dreamt of. This is the reason why I’ve decided to give continuity to this project I strongly believe in, by making available the Zimbra 9 Open Source build by Zextras.

Paolo Storti – CEO at Zextras

Zimbra 9 OSE build by Zextras is available on the Zextras website.

To learn more about Zimbra 9 OSE build by Zextras installation, upgrades, and patch updates, please refer to Zimbra 9 Open Source Edition Build by Zextras: First Time Installation.

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