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Zextras Storage Management Part 1 – More Than Meets the Eyes | Blog

Zextras Suite comes with a very powerful storage management system also known as Powerstore in the Zextras documentations. In this three-part article, you’ll learn how the Zextras storage management system reduces your storage costs.

  1. The first article aims to give you an overall overview of why Zextras Powerstore is more than just storage management for Zimbra,
  2. The second article is dedicated to how different features of Zextras Powerstore can help you to reduce your storage costs,
  3. The third article shows how you can calculate your own savings delivered by the Zextras Powerstore including a couple of real-world scenarios.

Alternatively, you can download and read our whitepaper below covering this series of articles.

Return on Investment

A company must justify its IT expenses. It’s quite obvious that every expense they made should provide them with some practical benefits otherwise they will end up losing money. Now imagine buying a product that not only brings you unique features with a lot of advantages but also renders economical returns for your company as well. This economical return is called return on investment or ROI. Zextras Suite offers a lot of features for Zimbra that no third-party alternatives come even close to their quality. Although the cost of Zextras Suite can be easily justified with the unique advantages its features bring to your Zimbra server, there is also an evident return on investment for your company.

In the last part of the article, we included two case studies that show in some cases savings can be even more than the cost of Zextras Suite.


Cost Saving Features

Zextras storage management offers several features that besides their own benefits and functionalities they also help you cut the cost of data storage via optimizing storage usage. These features are:

  • Item deduplication,
  • File compression,
  • Hierarchical storage management,
  • Cloud storage.

In the next part, you’ll see how much each one of the features contributes to savings including real-world examples. For instance, automatic deduplication and compression of files in a Zimbra server equipped with the Zextras Suite reduce the space needed to store your data by 50% of the space used by the block storage devices. Hierarchical storage management on the other hand enables you to automatically migrate infrequently accessed data into a much more economical storage device reducing up to 90% of the space needed on the primary volume. Using cloud storage for Zimbra servers is another feature of Zextras Suite that eliminates secondary costs such as maintenance.

You can learn more about these features in the second part of this article and Zextras documentations.

Is It Possible to Calculate the Savings?

Yes, it’s quite easy if you follow the steps. In the third part of this article, you’ll learn how to calculate the savings delivered by each feature based on real-world data and scenarios. We suggest reading the second part of the article before proceeding to the third to see why each feature leads to an economical return for your company.

Although each feature can individually contribute to your savings, with the help of case studies we’ll show you how the combination of these features can benefit you the most.

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