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3.1.9 has been released. Here are all the new and updated features, the beta ones included.

Customers can upgrade the Suite by logging into their account in our website in an accessible self-service mode.

Save space now with mailbox move

Thanks to new mailbox move options, you can write data directly on the secondary volume and immediately save space on the primary one.

Check out the documentation here.

Restore in the original place

When you undelete an element, such as an e-mail, you’ll find it precisely in the folder it was when you deleted it.

Learn more about undelete restoring, by reading this article !

Read the documentation about the undelete

Align webmail and mobile settings

Leveraging Exchange Active Sync, now the webmail settings are aligned to the mobile devices, too. For instance, if you decide to make GAL accessible, it will be so on both devices. Furthermore, you can choose not to sync all the e-mailed contacts on your smartphone.

Learn more about EAS and new mobile features by reading this article !

Check out the documentation here

Video meeting new layout

The video meeting interface is increasingly user-friendly. From now on, you can see the speaker or the shared-screen in full-screen or choose the grid-view. In each mode, you’ll quickly know who is speaking.

If you’re using the full-screen option, the speaker’s name is displayed as a superimposition. On the other hand, if you’re using the grid, its video borders light up when a person speaks.

Stay focused by muting conversations

Finally, you can mute the conversations you want to avoid interruptions and get the work done faster!

Mini chats

When you’re chatting, and you move from the Team section to another one, the conversation follows you.

From the conversation box at the bottom of the page, you can call without going back to Team. You can also make the chat open in the Team’s tab.

Discover more about new features in Zextras Team by reading this article !


Backup on external storage

Running out of space? Don’t worry. We got you covered!

Address Book Service

Access the GAL or the personal Address Books from an external client.

Zextras Authentication

2FA, SAML, CustomAuth, Service Credential.

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