Zimbra ends support for older versions of Ubuntu, Oracle and CentOS/RHEL

In a phase of renewal and evolution of operating systems and the various Linux distributions, one aspect to pay attention to is that of support for old versions.

Distros End of Life

As for the main linux distributions, the official support saw its end at the end of April 2019 for Ubuntu 14.04, in November 2020 for CentOS / RHEL 6 and in October of the same year regarding Oracle 6. Clear that anyone who still has systems based on these versions of the different Linux distributions should be oriented to update them in order not to run into problems in case of anomalies of various kinds. 

Zimbra Ending Support

In light of what we saw in the previous paragraph, Zimbra‘s support for those deployments also ends as of July 31, 2021. Clearly, as we saw in the ” The importance of keeping Zimbra constantly updated ” article, it becomes essential to update the operating system on which your infrastructure runs and also a possible update of the Zimbra version you use.

You can learn more about the Zimbra update dynamics on the various Linux distributions by reading the dedicated articles on our blog:

What if I don’t update?

Clearly everyone is free to act as they see fit, but if you choose not to update your systems and environments, you’ll run into various problems. In addition to those described in the already mentioned article ” The importance of keeping Zimbra constantly updated “, you’ll find yourself unable to take advantage of any official support in case of errors or problems of any nature. This kind of situation is easily solved by upgrading to a more recent version of your Linux distribution and Zimbra OSE.

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