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Zextras Suite for your Zimbra digital workplace. Why you must consider it | Blog

Let’s make it clear. E-mail is not a stand-alone platform anymore.

It can’t be so, as the market – and the users – are demanding something more. Therefore, the concept of digital workplace was born. And it has comes to stay. Why? Because centralization is the best way to organize and control the digital chaos we’re living in.

Let’s think about a standard workday. We’re receiving thousands of e-mails, messages, calls and seeing push notifications.

Wanna deal with the increasingly complex communications at your best? Wanna make the most out of your workday… and personal one? Centralize all the tools!

Starting from this idea, Zextras designed many collaborative features to be added to Zimbra Open Source.

Communication features for Zimbra Open Source

  • 1:1 and 1:N Chats.
  • Videocalls. There’s a powerful video server behind them. It allows you to invite many participants and avoid downtimes.
  • Groups. Sometimes you need to split up. Really, is it worth having a Sushi-lovers group where 3 out of 5 participants fight every time to go to the Pizzeria? C’mon. Two different groups are better.
  • Channels. They are the only silos you still need in your company. In a Channel what’s matter is the topic. This way you won’t bother your Developers team with topics only some people are working on.
  • Spaces. This is a great way to replicate teams remotely.
  • Mobile App Team

Collaboration features for Zimbra Open Source

  • Drive. When my laptop got stolen I stopped thinking archiving all the documents locally was a good idea. Let’s go online. This way you can access files wherever you are, even if you’re using another computer.
  • Collaborative editing. The more you work remotely, the more you need tools to work with teammates easily. Editing the same document, spreadsheet, or presentation is a good point to start.
  • Mobile App Drive

Try all collaboration features
There’s a 30-days trial for you!

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