Zextras Suite 3.1.6 | Blog

3.1.6 has just been released. Here you are all the new and updated features, included the beta ones.


You’ll find wide-range improvements in security and efficiency among the platform.

For more information you can check the changelog here.


Let’s take a look to the updates we released as beta.

Backup on external storage

Don’t worry about running out of space! Choose between a network mount point or an S3 Bucket and backup your data directly there. 

Zextras Video Server

Scale your videocalls and make TEAM the enterprise tool to communicate with your team or other stakeholders, even remotely!

Address Book Service

Your Global Address Book and your custom Address Book will be available to external clients, such as Outlook. 

Zextras Authentication

We’re enabling the SAML Authentication. Soon you’ll be able to create your custom Login page to log into Zimbra by using the Zextras Authentication.

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