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Why Data Sovereignty Should Matter to Us All

Rise of cloud computing and the increase in the number of companies adopting this technology to offer services to users, draw more criticism about data privacy. Especially all sorts of...
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A Crucial Choice of Email Servers: Cloud-based vs. On-premises

A Brief History of Email Today, we all use emails on a day-to-day basis and consider them to be one of the most useful and popular services on the internet....
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Roots of Cloud Computing and Data Privacy Concerns

Cloud computing is getting more and more popular due to allowing clients to access computing services conveniently through the Internet. Here we can consider the internet as the medium to...
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CentOS is dying: What’s next?

Ok Ok, I know. CentOS will not really die, but for sure it will no longer be the one we know and have come to appreciate over the years. Last...
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Disaster Recovery Scenario

I'd like to start with a point-blank question: What would happen if you suddenly lost all or most of your company's data, all emails and email attachments, if your company's...
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Mail Backup: An important practice

Today we want to talk about an important practice that is too often overlooked or improperly used: Mail Backup. Normally a Sys Admin or an IT manager, knows the importance...
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Local Backup vs Cloud Backup

I’d like to start with a consideration. The recent news about OVH Cloud Datacenter fire disaster has certainly put the spotlight on the issue of data backup and storage and...
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Mail Protocols

Let's take a brief overview of the main mail protocols that allow synchronization and configuration of messages on different platforms, both on PC and via mobile. POP3 vs IMAP vs...
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