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Drive Mobile App for Zimbra | Blog

Zextras’ Drive app allows users to access files stored on Zimbra from their mobile devices. It’s free and designed both for iOS and Android.

Your files at hands. Always!

File archiving and managing on the computer or laptop is not enough anymore. In fact, many of us are working on the move and this trend won’t slow down soon. Therefore, from now on smartphones and tablets will be increasingly important.

Drive mobile app for Zimbra let us move seamlessly among different devices, without having to change the experience we’ve on the platform or having to renounce to some features.

Thanks to the user-friendly interface, you easily find what you need. The app is divided in the same sections of the product: shared by me or with me, starred files to access directly to the favourite ones and the trash.

If you downloaded also the Team App, it integrates Drive and you’ll be able to pick up files and share them in the chats.

According to the preferences of your mobile device, you can perform a lot of actions on each file. For example, you can share images through social, e-mail spreadsheets with your latest reports, or download docs on your tablet.

Moreover, for Apple lovers there’s a plus: you can scan documents from the Drive app!

Every item is synchronised: as soon as a teammate share a file with you, or you create a new one, you can see it through the app.

Try Drive app!

Download the app for free from the App Store or Play Store and tell us if you’re enjoying it!

Remember that you can always contact the development team from Settings > Contact us



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