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Backup interaction with HSM secondary volume on remote S3/B2?

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Hi, I'm contemplating enabling powerstore HSM (only doing dedupe at the moment) to a remote S3/B2 bucket and wondered how that interacts with the backup process?  If you tune your HSM policy correctly then only unchanging data should be moved to the secondary volume, so when it comes to backup, does the process skip over downloading remote store files? 

Or do you have a lot of downloads scanning the remote secondary volume to backup?

Thanks again!

Fabio Knoll
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Hello @zimusr,

Thank you for contacting us and to consider enabling Powerstore module.

It is possible to move less used data from one infrastructure to another through the Powerstore module, in which you can set an HSM policy to move the least frequently accessed data to slower, cheaper volumes, and the most accessed data to faster, more expensive ones we could save on the costs and improve user experience.

Amazon S3 buckets are good options for most customers, here you can find a guide detailing Zextras Powerstore and HSM:

And Powerstore documentation:

Please do note that NFS is not supported as a valid file system on most scenarios.

Hope that was helpful, please let me know if you have any questions.

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But will the backup procedure require to download data from the HSM/Powerstore daily? Because that would kill the value of using S3 as a Powerstore backend, as AWS charges (a lot) for data downloaded from buckets.