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Zextras Powerstore: Added S3 bucket but still missing blobs

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We had an issue with our email server's kernel that prevented us from migrating to new hardware using Zextras backup due to an irreparable Zextras version mismatch. To get around this, we installed the same version of Zimbra on a new server and used rsync to transfer our data and match our configuration. That all went well.

I'm now trying to add our Amazon S3 bucket (it's simple storage). I located the Access Key and the secret, but had some questions regarding the destination path. I wound up adding it using / as the path, then the foldername/ as the path, and then finally using a virtual-hosted–style path according to the S3 documentation. I verified that implementing the HSM policy successfully accessed the bucket, attempted to move data, and updated the Powerstore Stats file. Despite all this, any email that is currently hosted in the S3 bucket comes up as a missing blob in the body of the email.

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Hello @faith.feyrer,

I guess that this can be caused by a wrong locator value inside the database, caused by the migration.

Probably, the volume id relative to the bucket on the new server is different from the locator field value which (I guess) still contains the volume id from the source server.

You'd better check the locator values of missing items and confirm my supposition, then you can:

* change the locator values for missing items so it will reflect the new volume id

* change the volume id of the S3 volume by modifying the `zextras.json` file in `/opt/zimbra/conf/zextras/cluster_config` to reflect the old one

Please note that those are very risky operations, I would suggest opening a ticket to the Zextras Technical Support to be assisted with this.